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Landscapes still stitched in childhood – Gerardo Ruiz Musi was born within the disordered and prismatic metropolis of Mexico City, a a labyrinthian spaces full of otherness which later on would serve as an important inspiration to his forth coming artistic pieces. His incontrovertible devotedness for the beautiful had physical properties such as edifices, jewelry, furniture, clothes, nature, or even the smallest phenomenon – all emerged into one figment, creating an overall, every day an authentic mise – en- scéne and ceaselessly becoming indispensable to his creational process.

During his mid-twenties, he realized that he should change location in order to gain necessary distance to his virginal roots and in order to execute all the ideas that had been built up inside for many years. Consequently, he abandoned the fashion study program CENTRO in Mexico City and moved to the place where the very definition of mode was conceived – Paris – where he enrolled at studio Berçot and finished his studies. It was there where he finally was ready to exercise his fantasies and obsessions nonconformist to the everyday drags and dichotomies of society, bringing Mexicanness to the streets of Paris.

He breathes and works simultaneously in Paris and in Mexico.

each Piece by Ruiz Musi is individual, unique, and has been carefully hand crafted by Mexican artisans within the hearth of Mexico City.